The settlement Gurzuf is situated on the southern coast of Crimea in the small cosy valley between cities Yalta and Alushta. From the east the  valley is cut down by mountain Ayu-Dag, from the west – by the Nikitskij slope, from the north – by Crimean mountains.
The very settlement is not large – one can walk around for two hours. Its territory can be divided into 4 parts. More ancient part which is near the seaside saved its Middle Ages coloring: narrow and curve streets, houses of prerevolutionary constructions.
The coastal rocks are the peculiar pearl of Gurzuf. At first there are the two island-rocks of Adalara. From a distance they look like bizarre fairy castles, raising up in 35 and 48 meters. In the past these rocks were linked with the coast by natural land isthmus. The sea destroyed the link and now there are visible only the remnants of limestone ridge.
The soft  climate is conductive to growth of various kinds of subtropical flora. The most widespread is cypress. Nature of Gurzuf is very beautiful. In the parks and on the seaside one can observe magnolia, oleander, palm-tree and other exotic plants.
Gurzuf has an image of cosy and beautiful resort of the Crimea.

The rock Red Stone near Gurzuf
Kizil-Tush (The Red Stone) near the settlement Krasnokamyanka near Gurzuf turns everybody’s attention who drives the southcoast route. It consists of marble limestone. Here is the only place in Crimea where grows the grape of which one produces the best dessert beverage in the world – the white muscat of the Red Stone. This mountain raises up over the slope (approx. 500 m) forming the natural bastion. It was used in  ancient times: on the pinnacle of the Red Stone were discovered the ruins of the observatory post of Middle Ages.


Ayu-Dag (The Bear-mountain)

Ayu-Dag is called the Bear-mountain because it is looking like a bear that lies in the water. It is located in the South Coast of Crimea near Gurzuf. Ayu-Dag is good seen on the way from Yalta to Alushta.
Ayu-Dag is called one of the natural mineralogical museum of the South.
In the ancient times the mountain provoked the saint shiver and feeling of worship to the powerful nature. The archeologists discovered here the pagan  sanctuaries of different tribes and the ruins of Christian churches, erected in the beginning of Christian epoch.The powerful mountain Ayu-Dag is located in the sea and surrounded by Adalara islands and the bizarre coast rocks among which there is hidden the country-house of the writer Anton Chekhov. Due to the rocks and water inhabitants the water is unusually clear and clean.